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The Her Retirement Podcast

Mar 3, 2023

“Old age” for our great-grandparents is now “middle age” for ourselves.

So what are you going to do with this gift of time?  

For most of us, this is uncharted territory.  Role models to help us navigate so many new sets of questions are limited.

This remarkable extension of our life expectancy has precipitated exciting changes in our attitudes toward aging. Nowadays, we are rejecting outdated models of “retirement.” Instead of stepping back, we are embracing this gift of time to shift, edit and expand in all areas of our lives. We are reimagining how we live, love, work, serve, and thrive in our “third act.” 

Our “third act” is a time to seek meaning and arrive at our best life — with joyful, engaged, and truly purposeful decades ahead.

Creating a new way of living in this phase of life does not come naturally to most of us.  It requires digging deep and sloshing around in uncomfortable, unknown waters. Vulnerability and insecurity can run high in the face of workplaces and a culture that has limited respect for “older” people.

Do you shift or leave a long-term career, re-enter the workplace after years of raising your family, launch a new business, or passionate initiative you have held back from pursuing for years?  (Did you know that women over 50 own over 50% of small businesses?)  Do you focus on a passion over income, choosing to learn new things and develop your talents?  How do you deepen or change your relationships, spend more time with people you love, connect with new like-minded friends, and shape ways to serve and make an impact in the world?  

Are you ready to set aside your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs to fulfill your life’s desires? Do you want to get back in touch with who you are to create the life that you were meant to live? Are you ready for your “third act” quest?