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The Her Retirement Podcast

Sep 29, 2021

There are two important components that make up the Estate Planning process: a Last Will and Testament and Trusts. While most people are aware of the purpose and structure of a Will, Trusts can be a little more difficult to understand. Listen to learn more. 

Sep 22, 2021

I conducted this interview as a part of my Know More - Have More Facebook wellness group. Several of us read the Art of Money by author, Bari Tessler. I invited Bari to join us for a Zoom gathering with those that read the book. This interview is the recording from the event. 

Sep 15, 2021

Grab your headphones, get out for a walk and learn about this very interesting concept that could potentially help you meet your retirement goals. 

Sep 8, 2021

Check out Lynn's interview for the Smart Women with Money series. Lynn discusses retirement planning for women and some of the challenges we women face as we address our retirement preparedness. 

Sep 1, 2021

If you are self-employed or own a business, worry not! We'll talk about the five main retirement options that you can look at. A traditional or Roth IRA, a solo 401K, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, or a defined benefit plan. Self-employment comes with some freedoms, but this doesn't mean you are exempted from saving...